Applying for the Certificate in Law

Application for the Certificate is open until August 31, then open on September 1 for winter term registration for courses beginning in January 2018.

Students should apply for the Certificate in Law before registering for courses.

We’ve developed a PDF with step-by-step guide on how to apply for the Certificate: download step-by-step guide to Certificate application (PDF, 3MB)

To apply, please visit

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Visit our About page for admission requirements to the Certificate.

Queen’s students are required to take two courses at the 700 level. Students admitted to the Certificate in Law only (and not also completing a Queen’s degree program) must enroll in, and complete, all courses at the 700 level to qualify for the Certificate in Law.

Registering for individual Fall 2017 online undergraduate courses:

Register on Red Button Enter on Black Computer Keyboard.

Note that we recommend that students apply to the Certificate in Law before registering for courses.

Classes are listed on Arts and Science Online.

Current undergraduate Queen’s students (second year or higher)

Register through SOLUS. Two courses may be allocated to your degree program as an elective.

Other students

    • Undergraduate students at another Canadian University (second year or higher)
    • Post-degree Queen’s students
    • Interest students

Apply through Arts and Science Online.