Law 201/701: Introduction to Canadian Law – Queen’s Certificate in Law

Law 201/701: Introduction to Canadian Law

Develop a practical understanding of the structure of Canadian legal & judicial systems. Queen’s Certificate in Law is the only fully online certificate in law offered by a Canadian law faculty.

How is the Canadian legal system structured? How does it differ from one province to the next? What role do judges, lawyers and legislators each play? What happens in court? How has the legal system evolved since the Constitution Act of 1867? These questions and more will be explored in Law 201/701, a survey course designed to give students a working understanding of the Canadian legal landscape in 2017.

Who should take this course?

Image of Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Law 201/701 is designed for students from all disciplines, but might be of particular interest to:

  • Pre-law students seeking to gain a broad understanding of Canadian case law, statutes and policy before applying to law school
  • Students of other disciplines like history, political science, business, engineering or computer science, whose future work will require a confident understanding of the mechanics of Canadian Law
  • Working professionals who seek to advance in their careers by demonstrating a nuanced understanding of how law and business intersect

What will you learn in this course?

The bulk of the course will be taken up with offering students an introduction to substantive Canadian legal topics: The Charter of Rights and the Constitution Act, 1867; criminal law; torts; contracts; property law; family law; and business law. Faculty members from the Faculty of Law teach the various units in the course using current examples, case law, and statutory law.

Watch this video with course developer Mary Jo Maur to learn more about Law 201/701:

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