Law 203/703: Workplace Law – Queen’s Certificate in Law

Law 203/703: Workplace Law

Develop a practical understanding of workplace law in Canada. Queen’s Certificate in Law is the only fully online certificate in law offered by a Canadian law faculty.

How does the law govern work relations? How are these laws a critical determinant of income, job satisfaction, fairness, safety, and ultimately fulfillment? How does the law address employment standards, health and safety rules, and human rights? This course answers these questions and more, examining the sources of workplace law and regulation and the dynamic environment these laws operate in.

Who should take this course?

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Law 203 is designed for students from all disciplines, but might be of particular interest to:

  • Pre-law students seeking an in-depth understanding of the laws and regulations governing hiring, contracts, equity, rights and benefits.
  • Working professionals in the field of Human Resources. who seek to advance in their careers by applying an in-depth understanding of workplace law to their own H.R. practice.
  • Future entrepreneurs working in business or technology, who will benefit from a solid understanding of workplace law as their businesses thrive and grow.

What will you learn in this course?

This course will introduce students to:

  • The various legal regimes that regulate work relations
  • The common law regime
  • The regulatory regime which includes employment standards
  • Human rights and health and safety rules
  • The collective bargaining regime that applies to unionized workplaces

Students will understand that workplace law is a dynamic area, constantly affected by economic, historical, political and global forces. Students will emerge from this course with an understanding of the legal and social issues at play in the laws that apply to work.

Watch this video with course developer Manoj Dias-Abey for a sample of one of the videos developed for Workplace Law:

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