Law 204/704: Corporate Law – Queen’s Certificate in Law

Law 204/704: Corporate Law

Develop a practical understanding of corporate law in Canada. Queen’s Certificate in Law is the only fully online certificate in law offered by a Canadian law faculty.

Where does business regulation come from? How does the law govern business associations, securities regulation and banking? Law 204/704 will introduce students to the legal concepts that underlie business and corporate structures, shareholder and partnership agreements, corporate governance and financing, and the protection of intellectual property.

Who should take this course?

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Law 204 is designed for students from all disciplines, but might be of particular interest to:

  • Pre-law students seeking to gain a broad understanding of Canadian case law, statutes and policy law as they apply to business.
  • Future entrepreneurs in business and technology, who will benefit from an in-depth understanding of how businesses are structured, financed and incorporated as well as how to structure partnership and shareholder agreements, contracts and how to protect intellectual property.
  • Working professionals looking to move into upper management, who will benefit from a practical understanding of corporate law, how businesses are structured, and how contracts and shareholder agreements work.

What will you learn in this course?

Similar to the approach employed by business schools, which emphasize case-based analysis, the course will ask students to apply concepts to specific case and problem scenarios. As we move to a highly fluid, dynamic, global and entrepreneurial business environment, many students will be seeking opportunities to start or participate in new ventures, and this course will be an invaluable addition to the knowledge they will need to be successful.

To get a feel for our Corporate Law course, here’s one of our module introductions, featuring course developer Peter Kissick:

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