Queen’s Certificate in Law for Working Professionals

An in-depth understanding of the law will give you an edge in your career, regardless of your field. The only fully online certificate in law offered by a Canadian law faculty.

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Are you looking to give your career a boost, move into upper management, or strike out on your own as an entrepreneur? The Queen’s Certificate in Law is unique in Canada. Queen’s is one the top law schools in the country and the Certificate prioritizes actual case law, statutes and policy to ensure that you’ll leave with a practical, useful, working understanding of how the law is applied in Canada. 

The Certificate is made up of four courses, offered in a convenient, modular format. Take all four to get your certificate, or choose courses to accelerate your professional development with a foundational and functional understanding of the Canadian legal system.

The Courses

Corporate Law

This course provides an in-depth understanding of the nature of the corporation, contract law, and the way corporate law and regulations work in Canada. You’ll acquire an understanding of contracts, securities regulation, and business regulation that will give you an edge in any future business dealings. For those considering entrepreneurship, this course is an absolute must.

Workplace Law

A deep understanding of workplace law, covering everything from hiring and firing to equity and benefits, is essential for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, human resources or organizational planning. If you’re an entrepreneur or planning to be one – or looking at a management role and the C-suite – understanding workplace law will give you a key advantage.

Aboriginal Law

The varied landscape of First Nations treaties and Aboriginal law in Canada is essential to many sectors of the economy, and a foundational part of the tapestry of Canadian law. It is central to emerging discussions on Aboriginal rights and reconciliation, and of acute interest to anyone involved with natural resources, environmental stewardship, human rights or politics.

Intro to Canadian Law

This course covers everything from the Charter of Rights and Freedoms & the Constitution Act of 1867, to criminal law, torts, contracts, property law, family law, and business law.  Understanding the underpinnings and logic of the legal system will help executives, senior managers, entrepreneurs and tech-innovators see possibilities that might not be apparent otherwise, while avoiding legal dead ends.

Thinking about returning to school to earn a degree, either full-time or part-time? Each Certificate course is considered an elective and may be worth three credits towards your degree, depending on your home institution and their granting of Letters of Permission.

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